Reply To: February 2021

Anita Sepasi-Ahouei

I’m very late to the party, and apologize, but things have been a little crazy for me, which ties into my SMART goal for the month. I’m usually very organized and can stay on top of everything, but I’m having a hard time doing that right now. I don’t have my team hired for the season yet because of the stay at home order in effect here in Ontario, so I don’t feel much like a leader at the moment; but I’m hoping that my SMART goal will carry into when they’re hired and will only make me a stronger leader. So, my SMART goal for this month is to ensure that I’m staying on top of my tasks by checking my planner at least twice a day, everyday. I think this is achievable and realistic, and as for timeline, I’m going to try this for a month, and then see if I need to adjust the number of times I check my tasks or change the way I write my tasks come March.