VIP/POC YOUniversity

(for organizations)

The Performance Optimist Consulting VIP Program is for organizations who are ready to invest in the long-term development of their leadership teams. The program provides flexibility to address the needs of the group while also focusing on specific development needs of individual leaders.

On-site workshops, virtual/video-based training, group or individual coaching and informal learning opportunities can all be interchanged to meet the changing needs of your teams.

“Under the VIP program, Matt became a collaborative partner who helped us come up with creative ways to develop our leaders. He gives us his undivided attention and is readily available to help. We really feel he ‘gets it’.”

Carol Kruse – Director, Zoo Miami

(for individuals)

POC YOUniversity is a community-based learning experience where members come together to learn, share, network and grow.

For those who truly want to transform their ability to lead and create positive influence, the POC YOUniversity program provides participants with on-going skill development, training and resources that help them lead their teams more effectively and live better lives.

The experience consists of

  • A community of like-minded leaders who will help coach and encourage you as you work toward specific goals
  • Live coaching calls to work through in-the-moment challenges
  • Regular check-ins with other members
  • 1-on-1 coaching with Matt Heller as needed

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