Reply To: February 2021

Vanessa Bye

Good Morning!!

My SMART goal for February is to improve the way I communicate and delegate tasks amongst my team to ensure they feel trusted and valued in their positions. I have a fairly new team to the organization and I am very fresh in my current role. We’re currently “building our boat” and I need to do a better job of sharing the boat’s blueprints so the team can see how the little things we are doing now will greatly impact our season. This is the first time my team has lived through this part of the season which can feel overwhelming: recruiting, onboarding, training all while implementing a new HRIS system.

S: Inventory what needs to be completed now and if we have good standard of works for the tasks put into place. I will update or create the One Page Learning documents for each task so the team has a good understanding of the “how” and the “why” of the projects. Inventory my teams strengths and development opportunities and get their input on the areas they would like to be a part of. We’ll split the tasks across the board and I’ll set up time with them each week incase they have any immediate questions.
M: Working closely with the team, we should start seeing the focus of our projects move in a direction of “maintaining” instead of “surviving”. I will practice active listening skills to understand their concerns for their projects and help assist as they move into territory they have not yet passed through.
A: I believe this is achievable. I have a great team, I need to work on relying on them. Moving into a managerial role, the tasks I am assigned are no longer just to be completed by the “me” but the “we”.
R: Yes.
T: Ongoing but focusing on the End of February as our training season really ramps up at the beginning of March!