Reply To: February 2021

Larry Gorneault

Thank you for posting that article Jodi, very interesting read!

Good morning all!

For me, I am very goal/team orientated and our facility is in the midst of both a culture renaissance, and a shift to become employee focused (thus trickling down to better guest service). With some members of our team still out on furlough it places more of the workload amongst those that are still active. Thus, my SMART goals will likely change as we continue our efforts into onboarding/reactivating our most precious assets, our staff.

S- To rollout our new vision, mission, & building blocks to our full-time team. IE-start getting our fleet to converge at a central meeting point before we begin our journey to this new destination.

M-We have created the new documents, received buy-in from the senior leadership team. Now we need to create the metrics for success to our full-time team. (still working on the M).

A- Yes! However, change is never easy. Established norms will be challenged and to some degree, people might become fearful. Consistent strategic conversations with all members of the team will held to reduce stress while we embark on this journey.

R- This is a very realistic goal and I believe this needs to happen. The turnover rate was high, and the stakes this year in the eyes of the guests are even greater. Getting the right team on the right path is critical for success for us this year.

T- As this is a journey we are taking together, the timeline is longer than a normal SMART goal (I think). However, for the phase 1 rollout (now), it will be completed before this month is out!!!!!

As soon as we roll this out we are going to get EVERYONE on the team involved in creating a Culture Statement. I know those can seem ‘corny’ but I strongly believe that we all need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. And by us making this document with everyone’s input, it will leave us all with a sense of shared accountability. If anyone has started or completed a similar path, I would love to hear your lessons learned.

I am not afraid to FAIL on this quest (First Attempt In Learning).