Reply To: February 2021

Jodi Young

I so badly want to steal Dino’s, as my goal revolves around improving my active listening. However, I think I am going to have to chunk my listening skills into sections to improve because I have some major work to do.
For February, I want to not be the first person to speak in meetings. I have a tendency with co-workers, my team, and my department meetings to speak up first. However, I find that often giving my opinion first, stifles the rest of my team from feeling comfortable to give theirs. I read an article that referred to it as “dropping an anchor.” I tend to be passionate and outspoken, so it tends to steer the conversation towards my way of thinking and I miss out on valuable diverse opinions.
So, for February, I will attempt to not be the first to speak in meetings when asked for opinions or solutions. If the team needs the confidence to start discussion, I will allow myself to ask questions, to hopefully still prompt the conversation and break the ice, but I will listen to others as I formulate my own opinion. I will attempt to ask questions instead of delivering anchors.
This goal is specific enough for me to feel like it is realistic and maintainable. As I said, I have some work to do with listening.
I know the road blocks for me are going to be the sense of urgency that comes this time of year as we prepare to open and how I balance getting things accomplished with giving people time to process their thoughts. Also, I know myself and I am incredibly impatient, so I have to be aware of that as well.