Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a teaching, training or development process by which an individual is supported and guided while achieving specific personal or professional goals. Both coach and client willingly enter into the coaching relationship for a specified period of time with an option to continue or terminate the coaching process, based on achieved results.

In this coaching program, coach and client partner to:

  1. Focus on establishing and achieving career and leadership goals
  2. Use assessments to understand leadership strengths and communication


  3. Create a custom plan of action
  4. Discover and practice new leadership skills
  5. Resolve situational roadblocks that may emerge along the way

The objectives for a coaching engagement are based on goals that are established early in the process. The client can expect to be challenged to step outside of their comfort zone and think of problems and opportunities in new ways. Ultimately, the success or failure to achieve the intended goals lies with the client, as they are the only ones who have control over their actions. A coach may suggest something, but it is up to the client to make it a reality.

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